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Whether the summer sun is high in the sky or the winter weather is keeping you indoors, maintaining a healthy glow is easy to achieve. Being out in the sun and using tanning beds are both harmful for your skin, but spray tanning is a wonderful alternative. Don’t let the spray tan myths keep you away. There are even some spray tan benefits you may not be aware of. Here are some facts to help.

1. It Won’t Irritate Your Skin

Many patrons with sensitive skin are concerned about a spray tan becoming a nuisance. Our high-quality spray tans provide beautiful skin without the added ingredients that may cause concern. You’ll walk away with a gorgeous glow instead of unwanted irritants.

2. It Won’t Turn You Orange

Looking tan without turning orange is our specialty. We can customize your spray tan to match your skin tone, ensuring a natural looking shade without the orange hue. No one will know you did not just return from a week in the tropics.

3. It Won’t Make a Mess

Professional spray tanning equipment ensures detailed airbrushing without the mess. With efficient methods and quick drying mixture, you won’t have to fret about drips and stains. It takes just a few minutes before you’re ready to take on the world without worry.

4. It Reduces Many Risks

Many spray tan benefits are important ones to consider. Using spray tanning to achieve your glowing complexion reduces the chances you will develop sunburns, wrinkles, age spots, and skin cancer. A large percent of non-melanoma and melanoma skin cancers are linked to sun exposure, according to The Skin Cancer Foundation. Please note, a spray tan cannot prevent sunburns. It’s important to still use an SPF in your daily routine.

Your skin is your largest organ. Ensuring it stays in the best condition is a great priority to maintain. It will also keep you looking young and refreshed.

5. It Fades Too Quickly

Our high-quality spray tan helps deliver a long-lasting glow. Along with some tips for before and after treatment, your tan can last for some time, getting you your money’s worth.

  • For at least eight hours after your spray tan, try not to shower, bathe, or swim.
  • Use a gentle exfoliant on your skin before your spray tan appointment.
  • Let lotion be your friend. Moisturize your skin prior to and after your spray tan.

Many spray tan myths are simply not true. There is an abundant amount of good reasons to choose spray tanning as your way to feel keep a year-round tan without hassle and health risks. Your skin deserves the extra bit of love and attention.